Our Services


 Brain Health Coaching

Through assessments, nutritional suggestions, exercises and coaching we help our clients improve their brain function, work best with what they have, recognize their strengthens and support their weaknesses. Through coaching, our clients gain confidence and improve their whole lives, solving individual problems in the process.


Coaching for Parents

Creative Genius Solutions’ knows that it is important for the whole family to be on board with a child’s coaching plan. So we spend time coaching parents in the best ways to help their child learn and get past their own learning difficulties. 


Subject Tutoring 

We all could use a little extra help sometimes.

Many of our clients come to us for help in a particular subject or with school in general. Creative Genius Solutions staff use our knowledge of the brain to help our students learn what they need to know in the way that will best work for them.

Tutoring for Different Learning Types

Everyone learns differently. CGS is uniquely qualified to work with students with different learning styles. Whether you are dealing with ADHD, dyslexia, anxiety or a combination of issues, we are patient, educated  and know how to help. 



Creative Genius Solutions offers small group classes at the Wellnest or other locations. If you’re interested in a class being offerered for your organization or group, reach out. Below are examples of some of the courses offered. 


Taming Your Dragons (5 week class)

This class is geared for adults. Participants will learn how your brain functions and areas of the brain that may need more support. Participants will also take the “Past Dragons” quiz to discover which behaviors from your past may be holding you back from your goals. Each dragon has a set of coping skills to tame them. Attendees will also learn about Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs) and which ones can infest your dragons, making them breath fire. In the last class, you will learn to incorporate your favorite coping techniques into your daily routine. Workbook and online materials provided.


Change Your Brain, Change Your Grades (4 week class)

This class is geared towards sixth through ninth grade students. Students will learn the parts of their brain and how each one functions. Then students will learn how to deal with Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs) in the 2nd class. The third class will conquer topics like sleep hygiene, making proper food choices, and why exercise is important for the teenage brain. The final class will be guiding students on how to accomplish habit changes, the pitfalls, and the importance of continuing personal growth into adulthood. Class materials provided.